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I’m a Fiancé! Huntington Library Proposal

Have you ever buried your nose in a boquet of roses hoping that the wonderous fragerence would assult your senses and carry you away far far away where once upon a time comes true? Wandering through the gardens of the Huntington Library, you can’t help but belive in the fairy tales. The birds were singing, and the smell of love (umm roses) was in the air. If you have ever found yourself in Bath and Body works, and had your sense of smell assulted. This rose garden is the aroma that they try (and IMHO) fail to recreate.

It is in this wonderland, that we find Miko.  A ring box silently moving from hand to pocket, as he patiently waits. His girlfriend was wandering the gardens, completely unware that her boyfriend was there or of the question on his lips. Her bestfriend was slowing directing her steps toward the best kind of surprises.  In typical Kate fashion, she had refused suggestions of what to wear. And made this adventure her own. Flip the page (um, scroll down) and follow along as Kate & Miko’s story unfolds before your eyes.

Huntington Gardens ProposalHuntington Library Proposal Huntington Library Proposal Huntington Library Proposal

Hold them in Your Hands

Turn up your volume, and let this play as you read this blog post.

This weekend, I spent Sunday with a recently engaged couple, Richard and Elizabeth. Two weekends prior, waiting for the morning fog to burn away. I stood atop the hillside with their friends and family. As Richard waited to surprise the girl of his dreams, he had roses in one hand, and a little box in the other. With a question burning on his lips, he waited. Pulling off a surprise that only God in His grace can give, Richard asked the question. He proposed.

And she said YES.

This story is less about that moment….and more about what you see below. Though I had planned to share prints with the couple at a coffee shop. It wouldn’t have been fair to wait. Handing Elizabeth a brown package tied neatly with string, I watched as she tore away the paper, revealing what was underneath. It must have been thirty minutes later that they looked up. There were a dozen photographs in the envelope. Yet together with Elizabeth’s mother sitting by their side, they had laughed and poured over the moments of time shared in the photographs. Remembering the details of the day, what had happened and who was there, they relived those moments. Each photograph breathing life into their story, and reminding them once again why they are saying YES to marriage.

hold them in your hands


Photography is NOT about pictures, the value lies far deeper. Photographs are a medium of emotion. Photographs should be held in your hands and close to your heart. You have five senses, engage them all as you relive, and remember the day you said, “I Do.” If I had texted or emailed a gallery link to Richard and Elizabeth, I doubt that they would have spent half an hour looking at twelve photographs. They would likely be wondering why there were only twelve, five minutes later.

Take this image from their proposal for instance. It is more than a picture. With the ice in my vanilla latte slowly melting, I had started to edit the photographs from the proposal. Sitting at Augies Coffee shop, I had glanced up from my editing, distracted by a random person walking into the room. As I looked back down, I saw the ceiling lights reflecting onto the glossy screen of my Macbook. It was the start of something new. Taking what started out as a couple standing on a hillside, with the browning grass slowly waving in the breeze. I created picture inception. This is a picture of a picture. Using my iPhone to capture the lighting reflecting off my computer screen, and editing the photograph in such a way that brought the couple into focus. I was able to distill this precious moment in time. To refocus the energy and capture a vision unique to Richard and Elizabeth.

laguna hills proposal



Ocean Beach Proposal: Brandon & Lindsey

Oh snap. She said yes!

The emotions, the absolute j.o.y. of this proposal. Brandon added some pages to an album that Lindsey had put together for him of their adventures. And as she flipped through, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

The week before, I had met Brandon at the Method Coffee shop in OB to strategize. On the proposal day, he left the album in the bed of his truck. I picked it up and placed on a pylon of the pier. So that as Brandon walked by, he would be able to discretely snag it. And as he shared from his heart, she would be able to remember their adventures, and then agree to the biggest adventure yet.

Celebrate Brandon and Lindsey’s proposal!


Torrey Pines Proposal: Eric & Kelsey

Eric and I have known for a while that someday we will marry each other. But I never imagined that day would be in the near future.

We’re both dancers, so often times we’re fortunate enough to have a job performing together, but other times we have different jobs and have to spend some time apart.

In a few months, we will be doing just that. So we decided to spend some time together on a road trip to the west coast. I had never been to California before, so Eric chose the Torrey Pines Hiking Trails as a proposal location because he knew I would love the scenery.

I was already having such a great time on our trip that it didn’t even cross my mind that Eric might be proposing. I was so surprised when he pulled out the little box that I couldn’t hold back the tears. I had such a rush of emotions that most of the proposal seems like a blur to be honest, but it was still one of the best moments of my life. Thank you to Jacob for capturing the moment so we can always revisit this special time in our lives! I can’t believe that Eric and I will soon be husband and wife!


Torrey Pines Proposal

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It was a privilege to document this moment for Eric and Kelsey. Torrey Pines with the sun slowly slipping over the edge of the Pacific couldn’t have been a prettier place to capture this moment. And of course Eric and Kelsey were awesome to photograph.