Not a Wedding, a MARRIAGE 

Marriage is what brings us together today…

Your wedding is but one day out of a lifetime. The moments that we will capture on this day, will remind you for a lifetime to come WHY you are saying, “I DO.”

We are not merely capturing beautiful portraits to hang above your fireplace. We are creating moments that you will fondly be able to look back on. When the road is tough and the honeymoon is over. As walk down your hallway or glance up on the wall, you will be reminded that you said, “YES.”

And wuv, twue wuv, will fowwow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv

Peace of Mind 


You are recieving so much more than photographs of your wedidng day. You are investing into your peace of mind. Quality photography requires connection and investment. Any stranger can pick up a camera, but on your wedding day. You don't just want anyone. You want someone who knows you. Who can document your story. 

Having a photographer you can trust, allows you to be fully present in every moment. You dont have to wonder if the photographer has captured it. You know he has. You can celebrate your day, confidnent that you will have beautiful photographs.

You also give your photographer the freedom to create meaningful photographs that go beyond. Do you want that epic photograph to hang on your wall or use as your profile picture? Trusting your photograph gives them the freedom to pursue beautiful and creative images that you will love. 

What will be relevant in 10 years?

Invest into YOU

Photographs are the best way to tell the story of YOUR love. They transcend the moment and connect your past to your future. Easily browse the gallery of your wedding day, and print photographs for your home. 

Your wedding collection is a handpicked gallery of your wedding day, that is specially curated for you. By shooting throughout the wedding day, you recieve the complete story. From the moments before you walk down the aisle to the celebration on the dance floor. And of course wedding photographs celebrating your love. 

lYl Photography

We thank you for coming

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