December 6, 2023

City Park & Cherry Blossoms

Engagement Session

Cherry Blossoms

While a neighborhood in Denver, may be named Cherry Creek, You don’t know how much of a treasure hunt I went on to find enough Cherry trees to merit the location for an engagement photo shoot. There are plenty of scraggly cherry tress around Denver, but to find one in bloom and radiant with color required a bit of sleuthing and asking a friend.

The search paid off and we were able to capture lovely engagement photos in the shadow of cherry blossoms. Having lived a couple miles from the Jefferson Monument, it was a far cry from the spring spectacular that takes place there every year. But if you live in Denver and long for photos full of the color and vibrancy of spring, City Park is your answer. There may be a roundabout that has several cherry trees, that if you plan correctly. You too can enjoy their delicate beauty.