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Why the Image matters

You have only seen yourself two times. Think about that. You never really get to see yourself. Only when you delibaretly make an effort can you see what you look like. The only two times you have seen yourself is when you take a picture of yourself or staring at the mirror and are looking at your reflection. This is huge, it means that.

You have only seen yourself two times

You don’t get to see the way your eyes light up when you see someone you love. And you can never see just how beautiful you are when you genuinely radiate your real smile. (Selfies absolutely do not count) It is really kind of sad that you have never seen yourself. While you can experience others, you cannot truly capture yourself. That in part may be why we cherish relationships with others. They reflect our joy and sadness, and allow us to truly live life.

This is why Image matters (so much)!

The image is a reflection of our joy and beautiy in a given moment. It allows you to remember and even to share the fleeting beauty of a second. An image is an eternal reminder of who you are. It connects to a memory of a special time. Just like the smell of crayons can instantly remind you of your childhood. The image can transport you back to a moment, if you will let it.

The image can transport you back to a moment, if you will let it.
Capturing joy and beauty is not vanity. It allows us to be thankful for life we have lived, and the many blessing that fill it. Without having the reminder of the moments that take our breaths away, can we truly meaure life? Intrinsic worth of a image is simply that. It allows us to reflect on the moments where we were truly beautiful. Living life without regrets-full hearts and clear eyes.
live Your life,