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what Life looks Like

Right now the goal is graduation. Between me and that goal is my senior project. I have been working on this project/paper for three semesters. It seems like I will never finish it. I have been incredibly blessed though because I get to write about something that I am passionate about: photography. You can read the proposal I submitted here. This project has allowed me to see photography in a whole new light, and to start understanding why I shoot.

Photography offers a mechanism to capture the good. The beautiful. It allows for documenting the defining moments in life and presenting them how we want them to be remembered. Suffering is real and pain is not easily forgotten but by creating a hopeful future we can transcend this earth if just for a moment and reach heavenward. This is what drew me to wedding photography in the first place. Its ability to transcend the moment and capture memories for a lifetime. It was this reality that awoke me from my apathy as I realized I needed to truly celebrate those in my life and create meaningful moments.

I may look like I have it under control, really I am still working through it all. The paper is still in the air and the words are still being written.

ps: I am thinking about making this a weekly post (what Life looks Like), do you think I should?

pps: I am totally loving Mumford & Sons latest album

Joanna Webber - November 28, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Babel is spectacular! I like it even better that their first one, and it was awesome.