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The Coffee Adventures: the Kettle

the Kettle, coffee & tea Escondido

This Wednesday morning, I find myself in Escondido, CA. While it may be farther from the coast and cool ocean breezes that I love. The Kettle, coffee & tea proves to be an oasis on this warm summer day. While I drive through Escondido on the fifteen headed north fairly often, I seldom have reason to stop. That may change. Any coffee shop that has their wifi password hanging just inside the door is sure to a favorite of mine. And their unique take on the vanilla latte, seconds that thought. Any iced drink with vanilla bean is sure to be refreshing.

Of course, it is not french vanilla. But then some would argue that vanilla bean is the only real choice. If you haven’t explored the differences between vanilla, lean back and learn.

There are two decidedly opinionated camps when it comes to vanilla: vanilla bean and french vanilla. Whether you are pouring creamer into your coffee, choosing which type of ice-cream is best served with a pizzookie, or even ordering a vanilla latte. You can be sure to encounter this argument. And to be sure it is a discussion worth having. Would you rather eat melt in your mouth pizzookie with creamy french vanilla or vanilla that still has bits of bean lingering in it? This is the choice before you. It is not whether you want vanilla, but which vanilla you want.

Vanilla is not as plain as you may have thought.

Now that you have been informed, and you can decide if a vanilla bean latte is right for you. Let’s get back to the Kettle, as the point above really has nothing to do with this fine establishment. A combination of chairs & tables along with comfortable oversized chairs that one just sinks into, it presents a charming mix perfect for homework or just spending time with someone. And did I mention that they have a delightful little porch on the the sidewalk that poses as a boardwalk of sorts? And while they don’t have an abundance of outlets, there is an adequate amount.

escondido main street

If you find yourself driving down Main Street in Escondido be sure to stop by. Parking is free!

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