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You tell the story, I’ll take the picture

If you have spent anytime on this blog, you will quickly realize that memories are really important to this photographer. I believe memories are what connect the story of our lives together. As a photographer, I include pictures in that equation. Pictures are a way for us to remember stories. This is so important to me, I have made it my senior project. I am attempting to connect the dots, but I need your help.

This is the deal. You tell me your story, I will take your portrait. This offer is for any Senior graduating this year, spring or fall, at SDCC. For a half hour of your time, I will take a portrait you can use to remember this time in your life, and to share with others. I’m sure your parents or grandparents would love to have a portrait of you to document this pivotal point in your life: graduation. And I would love to be able to gather some insight into this area and finish my senior project. The portrait session will take place at a location of your choosing local to San Diego. Afterwards I will interview you about that interaction. The whole process session and interview will take an hour at most.

If this is something that interests you, contact me at [email protected]

live Your life,



PS: you can read about my senior project here.