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the Memory of a Day like Today

Pone Winery Wedding

The memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life Ponte Winery Wedding 

As Eric waited for his lovely bride dressed in white to walk down the aisle, the months of work and preparation melted away. His sole focus was his bride. With the mountains looming in the background, the breeze wafting through the grape vines, and the smallest ripple making its way across the pond all everything melted away. The moment became clear, and life breathed anew. As one the guests turned and rose from their seats. Though the music cued them into the moment, it was the smile of the groom that let them know the bride had come.  Though the sun shone bright, Eric’s eyes were still brighter. You could see the joy and anticipation in his eyes.

The memory of a day like today.

 ponte winery wedding ponte winery wedding