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Not just a Desk

This is just not a desk. It is a place for me to write, to think. Somewhere that I can let the words flow and the images take shape. If it were only a desk, it would be just that: a slab of wood and a cold hard chair.

But this is not just a desk.

This is my refuge, a place where I can be myself. As such I bring some of myself to it. It may take several weeks for me to make it my own, but it does happen slowly and surely. At first there were nine pictures hanging above my desk. But then I found the map. I was wandering in Georgetown and saw the Paper Source. Having been there before, I went in to browse. When I came out I had the map safely tucked under my arm. I had a map hanging above my desk in San Diego, but had forgotten to bring it.

This will be my new map. A constant reminder that the world is out there, waiting. Just glancing up I can see places I have been, and places I hope to be. And perhaps even more importantly I can see where my family is. Though it would take 8 hours by plane and two days by car. I can easily move my eyes from coast to coast in one movement. Yes.

This is not just a desk.