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New perspective

There is nothing like being able to look at an image from a new perspective and find an exciting new possibility. For instance take the image below. While there may be nothing wrong with the image as it is correctly exposed and decently composed. It just isn’t good enough, mainly as the subject does not fill the frame as much as I would like it to. I was not satisfied with how it looked so I started fiddling around in LR. Playing with exposure or white balance too much can be an amateur mistake as the resulting photos look like some sort of photo filter has been over applied.

By changing the orientation from portrait to landscape and cropping to 5×7, I was able to find the image below. Which I find to be the better choice. Not only does it focus the attention of the viewer on the couple, remove the distracting elements from the photo above. More importantly it captures the memory, while doing so in an artful way.


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