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Getting Ready Tips: Find the Light

Find the light. 

As a photographer, I paint with light. Without beautiful light and amazing people, I wouldn’t have a story. Simple beautiful light can make or break an image. Other than capturing moments my biggest role as a photographer is to find the light.

I cannot stress how important good light is.

One of my favorite chapters of a wedding day is when everyone is getting ready. Often this happens in crowded hotel suites filled with ugly fluorescent light. After saying hello, you can expect me to find the window, and to allow gorgeous natural light to flood the room. If possible I turn off the lamps with their less than desirable yellowish light. The result is worth the effort. If possible as you choose where you are getting ready. A room with lots of windows that lets in the soft gentle light will allow your photographer to capture amazing pictures.

natural light photographer

The room where this groom was getting ready, had one big window. It let gorgeous light fill the room. Simply by having the groom face the light, I could capture this image.

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ps: don’t worry, the groom didn’t see the dress till the ceremony.