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My IPhone Lockscreen


My IPhone lock screen is not just a place to display my quality taste for visual aesthetics (Insert sarcastic comment here).  I use it as a bulletin board of sorts, to post information that I want to be constantly reminded of. When I totaled my car last Christmas, I left the picture of my wrecked car on my lock screen to remind me not only to drive safely. But more importantly to remember that life is short, and to make the most of it.

This past month I have been using my lock screen as a reminder to truly live my life. I post pictures with a punch so that every time I check the time or slide unlock. I will see the message. It can be as simple as, “unless you try, you will never know.” And yet that gentle reminder so often changes my perspective by reminding me of the bigger picture.

What is on your lock screen?

live Your life,