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Moments and Memories

This past weekend I had the blessed opportunity to second shoot for Christina Dickson (You can check her site out here, if you don’t already have it bookmarked). Besides being able to fly out to Colorado for the weekend and meet some really awesome people. I got to shoot at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center. Although I wouldn’t have thought it at first, it was a great location for a wedding. While I did take pictures, after all I was second shooting at the wedding. I tried my best to concentrate and observe what Christina was doing. I admire her photography, and wanted to learn as much as I could.

The next day after all the craziness had subsided, and I was enjoying the best dirty chai I have ever tasted at Agia Sophia Coffee house. I had a chance to look through the pictures I had taken. Even though I had been at the wedding for over 10 hours, I didn’t really take all that many pictures. But the ones that I did take seemed to have an interesting thread weaving them all together. This collection of images captured the small moments that brought everything else together. Rather than portraits or traditional poses, I had encapsulated moments in time that give just a glimpse into the wonderful day that I had the opportunity to experience.

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Photographer: Christina Dickson
Location: Colorado Springs Fine Art Center