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Looking Ahead


I graduate college in 25 days.

Instantly everyone wonders what is after. What do I plan to do with my life? It’s almost like I’m not doing anything at the moment, and always have to be looking ahead. While that is always wise, right now I don’t have the answer. I’m standing at the window looking out, and there is so much to see. But I think that question frames it all wrong. Asking what I want to do or what my plan is assumes that I am control and have it all figured out.

Truth be told I don’t.

But you know what, I’m perfectly fine with that at the moment. I would much rather wait and see what God has for me. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to sit around and do nothing. Rather, I have been asking His direction in my life. If it was up to me I probably wouldn’t be a photographer or be using a MacBook at the moment. Thankfully those doors opened, and now I am privileged to document defining moments in life. If I have learned anything as a photographer, it is that I should always be prepared for the unexpected. Ready to jump on the moment and seize it. I should live my life. For now I’ll keep the window open and enjoy the view.

live Your life,