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the Coffee Adventures: Lestat’s on Park

There are only nine minutes left in Wednesday as I write this blog post. But it is only fitting for the coffee shop I am reviewing today. When I first moved to San Diego to finish my bachelors degree at San Diego Christian College, I was desperately looking for a coffee shop that could match my expert level of procrastination i.e. somewhere I could study study late. Enter Lestat’s on Park.

One of the only 24/7 coffee shops in San Diego, Lestats was a Godsend. It allowed me to finish papers, due the next day the night before. Not the best study habit, but the perfect motivation. No need to raise your hand if this describes your study habits as well. Thanks to Lestat’s powerful Americano’s and their late hours, I was able to pull all nighters and successfully turn in completed homework on time.

Tonight once again Lestats proved vital. This week I started Craft Business Bootcamp. It feels like I am taking a summer class all over again. But it is refreshing to be challenged and learn how I can improve my business.  Yet once again, I need to get work done. Knowing myself, my desk is to close to my bed, for me to resist the temptation of the call of sleep. Off to Lestats I went.

I prefer the Park location, It used to be much less crowed and proved to be a quieter place to study and write papers then the original Lestats. While this may not be the case any longer, it still proves to be one of the only options. Unfortunately the popularity of Lestats with students and night owls is proving to be too much for their wifi. Even as I write this post, I have had to reconnect to a different hotspot several times. This is particularly true during finals for USD, UCSD, or SDSU. Once connected the wifi speed is tolerable, which is more then I can say for some neighboring Starbucks.

Thankfully Lestats on Park meets all four of my coffee shop criteria:

1) Free wifi
2) Plenty of tables/chairs
3) Accessible outlets
4) A good dirty chai tea latte

And even proves to offer another selling point. They never close. Their kitchen never closes. For night owls such as myself this proves awesome.

live life,