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Behind the Camera: Jacob Bechtol

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Investing in Love

Before we crawled into bed, my siblings and myself would listen spellbound, as our father read aloud to us. His stories inspired our imaginations, and allowed us to see beyond the horizon. Today I share stories of life and love, because I still believe in the magic of a good bedtime story. Being able to document moments and save them for you, is what my photography is all about. Creating experiences and moments that, you will want to tell your children and grandchildren.

The tools I use to capture and share images matter less and less. Rather my training and experience are what enable me to photograph your story. While I studied at San Diego Christian College for my BA in Communications, and attended the Institute in Photography’s prize winning photography; it was the time I spent mentoring with Christina Dickson of Bride Inspired, assisting 8Twenty8 Studios, and shooting with other photographers that have given me the experience I need to confidently capture your day. Whether it is tying a tie, pinning a boutonniere, photographing your portrait or bustling a dress. I am there to help.

Before every wedding I put on a bowtie. Weddings are classy occasions celebrating love and the creation of a new family, reason enough to dress up. When I tie my bowtie, it means that I am ready to give my best. That is the lYl promise.

  • Moments and memories, not poses
  • Authentic stories that are life inspired
  • Imperfect perfections that share your beautiful story
  • Life inspired adventures

You can read my story HERE, but prepare yourself. It is real and raw. If you want your story shared, and relate with how I capture images use the contact form to connect with me.

  • There is nothing like the smell of fresh ground coffee
  • Love it or hate it, but Country music is the best editing music there is
  • Being 6’1” doesn’t stop me from driving a mini cooper

live Your life,

Jacob Bechtol 


Investing in Life

Keep the earth below my feet, for all my sweat, my blood runs weak. Let me learn from where I have been, keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn.

-Mumford & Sons

While love stories are my passion, the larger story of life has part of my heart as well. I love investing into communities and people working towards Shalom. Over the years I have traveled to Costa Rica to document the work of Student’s International, partnered with Life On the Border as they build churches in Mexico, interned with a non profit in Washington DC, and invested into less privileged families offering them professional portraits in partnership with a pregnancy clinic. People matter, and getting to share their stories through photography has been an incredible blessing.