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it is NEVER finished

I want to share with you an epiphany that I have had. It is never finished.

It is never figured out.

Even a lifetime will not bring clarity. No matter what the issue or problem is you will never have the final answer. You may think you do or may be certain that others do. In truth they are still figuring things out as well. That is the way life works. So many times we get wrapped up on presenting the final revision, that we forget what life is about. Take this blog for example. If I waited till it was just right, it would never be able to share with y’all. It is only because I have realized that this blog is like my life. My story is only as effective as I share real experiences and memories as they unfold. That is my promise to you, to share my life with you. Even when it twists and turns in ways I am not expecting.

Life is not clean and neat, sometimes things spill on it or force it new crazy directions.

Once we realize that we only see dimly can we embrace life and live it to the fullest. If we try to grab on to tight the glass shatters and reveals life for the charade that it may have been. But once we understand that there is more beyond the reflection, we can start truly living.

We do not have to be burdened.

Christ brings the structure, He reminds us what the goal is. Our job is just to live. Live life unto Him. I pray that this revised blog will be a chance for you to see as I live my life for Christ. To be sure I have not arrived. I am in between beginning and realization. But being there is just where I need to be.

live Your life!