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What others have shared have played an immense role in the photographer I am today. Jonas Peterson has reminded me that the story I am telling is about the people. The things may make the picture look interesting, but when it comes down to it. The story is about the people. This idea is central to the way I shoot. I try and capture the lives in my viewfinder, I don’t try and change them. Michael Gungor in his book The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse attempts to explain this in another way. He argues that three voices are always trying to vie for the attention of a creator. They can listen to the crowd, the critic, or the muse. My muse is Christ my Lord. He directs my photography and makes it worth the while. He also reminds me to love my neighbors, once again pointing to the central idea that people are what matter most.

My photography revolves around capturing people, and the moments that they create.

I would not be where I am today without the inspiration and vision of people. People that have taken the time to share with me through their images and words. They each have a unique style, a way of seeing things. Maybe, just maybe that is what makes their images worth looking at and remembering.

Marissa Boles

Elisenda Castro

Sarah Danaher

Christina Dickson


Melissa Jill

Becca Younkman