I’m a Fiancé! Huntington Library Proposal

Have you ever buried your nose in a boquet of roses hoping that the wonderous fragerence would assult your senses and carry you away far far away where once upon a time comes true? Wandering through the gardens of the Huntington Library, you can’t help but belive in the fairy tales. The birds were singing, and the smell of love (umm roses) was in the air. If you have ever found yourself in Bath and Body works, and had your sense of smell assulted. This rose garden is the aroma that they try (and IMHO) fail to recreate.

It is in this wonderland, that we find Miko.  A ring box silently moving from hand to pocket, as he patiently waits. His girlfriend was wandering the gardens, completely unware that her boyfriend was there or of the question on his lips. Her bestfriend was slowing directing her steps toward the best kind of surprises.  In typical Kate fashion, she had refused suggestions of what to wear. And made this adventure her own. Flip the page (um, scroll down) and follow along as Kate & Miko’s story unfolds before your eyes.

Huntington Gardens ProposalHuntington Library Proposal Huntington Library Proposal Huntington Library Proposal

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