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Hope will Rise

When immigrants first came to America, they would see this statute. After having sailed across the Atlantic Ocean they would see this lady majestically holding sway over the entrance to New York. She was a sign of hope. She held out a torch of freedom and a book of law. She welcomed them into America promising hope of a better life.

In Christ we have it so much better. We have hope of an everlasting life. Our hope is an everlasting hope. In Jeremiah, Christ promises us that He, “has plans to give us a hope and a future.” Our liberty is found in Christ, it is through Him we have hope. We can look to him, we can put our hope in Him.

When I saw the Statute of Liberty, I was overwhelmed. Here was something that I had read about and seen in the movies. Now here I was seeing it myself. Yet I soon realized how small it was. In my imagination it was so much bigger. Life can feel the same way. We make something or someone something they are not, and when we are let down. We lose hope.

Our hope in Christ is on a solid rock. He is the hope that we can look to when we face trials. We need not fear the circumstance because our hope is in Him.

Hope will rise. Will you let it?

This was the message I heard Sunday morning in New York City. It was something that I needed to hear. Something that I knew but had forgotten. How thankful I am for the hope of Christ.

live Your life,