DIY Auburn Wedding: Jake & Natalie

This beautiful Northern California wedding held at the bride’s grandparents’ house is something special. The horse grazing nearby, the DIY wedding arch, and the rolling hills may have added to this day’s charm. Yet it was the down to earth love that sets it apart. There is something special about getting married somewhere familiar. The landscape brings back memories, and the details remind of the generations before.

One detail I will never forget, is the china. Each plate lovingly set on long wooden tables was a unique piece of china. The bride’s aunt had collected them for her wedding. And here was the perfect opportunity to use them again. Barbecue and homemade side dishes, go so much better when you have a real fork and a china plate. You can simply enjoy the food set before you, without worrying about breaking the fork.

China holds nothing on the joy this day held. Whether it was the first dance, the cake fight ( Please take note, this is how your first slice of cake ought to be shared; with joy, love, and lots of icing on your face.), or the festivities of the day. It was a joy to photograph Jake & Natalie’s wedding.

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