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Life on the Border: Meet the Diaso Family

Diaso Family

My adopted San Diego family are the Diasos. Pastor Diaso and his wife have been incredibly welcoming, and have made their casa mi casa. Truly a living example of the sign hanging on their wall. In college I debated with David, and it was through him that I met the rest of his awesome family. Pastor Diaso has served in missions for over twenty years. Now living in San Diego, they serve over the border in Mexico and here in San Diego. As all three Diaso kids grew up in Mexico city, I have heard firsthand their work in sharing the Gospel of Christ. Being able to “do life” with a mission minded family has been awesome, and allowed me travel down to Mexico with them on church building trips.

Please keep them in prayer. You can specifically pray:

  1. God’s protection and healing work for their family.
  2. A fruitful VBS outreach in Ensenada with La Nueva Jerusalen (The Church Jerusalem) church and Skyview Presbyterian.
  3. The new church plant in Rosarito, Mexico which is led by pastor Victor Bravo along with his wife, Sol. The church just launched in April.
  4. Lo Mejor del Trigo’s 25th church launched on June 14th. It is led by Pastor Gilberto Garcia and his wife, Maribel.
  5. For raising more support and to trust the Lord to provide so that we will be fully funded, and be able to focus on the ministry on the border.

I had a chance to capture some family portraits for them. Can you guess where these pictures were taken? At the border of course, in the family photograph you can see the border fence in the background.

Follow their adventure HERE.


lyl-_JBB9055-023Pastor Diaso