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Daniel & Christina

Christina is the bride every photographer should have the chance to work with. Christina is a total blessing. It is such a joy to work with such a contagiously fun couple that believes in you, and are excited to see your work. Not only did she find and suggest the wonderful location we did the engagement shoot at. She handmade and brought all the props. A big thank you to Ebony Robinson as well for being the set director. It was such a big help to have someone else take care of the props, and let me focus on taking pictures. They added a whole new level to the visuals of the experience. Christina thank you for being so patient, here are some of the pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do.

As I was going through the pictures in this shoot, I was having a difficult time choosing which pictures to upload. They all seemed so full of life, and worth sharing. In the end I had to choose. To see the rest visit my fanpage on facebook.

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