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Crystal Cove Engagement: Danny & Crystal

The day before their wedding I met Crystal and Danny at Crystal Cove, near Newport Beach, to do a walk through of their venue.  The sunny California coast offered a warm welcome for the Washington based couple; the cool of the morning made its way seaside and granted the sun access to gleam through. I wanted to ensure  Danny and Crystal were comfortable in front of the camera so we took a few photos allowing the calming scenery of Crystal Cove to envelope the moment.

I cannot stress the importance of having a warm up session with your wedding photographer before the actual day of the wedding. Although a proper engagement photo session was not feasible for Crystal and Danny,  as they were planning their wedding from Washington, we capitalized on our time spent during the venue walk through. The photographs shot in the tucked away mustard fields of the Crystal Cove coast prepared the Bride and Groom for the montage of wedding photographs to be taken the next day.

The best of photos are sometimes found in the most inconspicuous of places. Which explains why I could not resist the rustic landscape of mustard fields,  just a few steps from the coast, nestled on a sloping canyon. It was there in the cool of the morning, before the crowds of beach goers covered the sands like the many seashells, that we wandered the hills and headed toward the beach.

The photograph below encompasses the many facets of the cool, coastal morning spent between the bride and groom the day before they became Mr. & Mrs. at Crystal Cove.


crystal cove engagement photos

ps: You can see their beautiful wedding day at Crystal Cove on the blog, now that you are married.

Engagement Shoot Details:

Client: Crystal and Danny

Subject: Crystal Cove Engagement Shoot

Location: Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach CA

Unique elements of the image: Whimsical Mustard Fields at Crystal Cove