Best Day Ever

I love you too much…

At yesterdays wedding, I posted a picture of the dessert table. Standing proudly above the assortment of delicous sweets, in big gold letters were the words, BEST DAY EVER. As I uploaded the picture to Instagram, I asked my followers to describe their best dav ever in three words. But try as I might, I couldn’t find a best day ever. (maybe because I’m still singel…)  No single day shone over the rest. Was it the moment I switched the tassel on my gradition cap? or was it swimming in waves of the Pacific as a tropical thunderstorm sent a gentle rain over the waves? or perhaps it was baking christmas goodies with my family?

I couldn’t decide, and you know what? I’m ok with that. My best days, are the simple days. The days with the soft sounds of music mingling with the voices of the ones I love. Carefree days, where life is lived: simply and completely.


As they danced arm in arm, under the clear blue sky, among the apple trees, through the sparse grass. I love you too much, were the words softly wafting from the speaker on my iphone. Though the needle on the thermometer was closer to 1oo, than wanted. It was a perfect day.

Brittany and David were visiting home, and we were taking engagement photographs. But more than that we were living life. I didn’t want the focus to be on posing them. The focus wasn’t where their arms were, or what angle their heads were tilted. They were in love, and by the end of the session I wanted to remind them why they were saying YES to each other.

That didn’t mean we didn’t capture photographs, it meant that the photographs were taken to remember their WHY. Glimpses of joy and happiness, the photographs, were meant to bring smiles and to make memories.

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