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Styled Bridal Shoot

It’s only by saying no,

that you can concentrate on the things that are really important. (Steve Jobs) Photography is more about subtraction than anything else. Only by curating style and emotion, a story can be shared from the heart. As a bride and groom, you are faced with a overwhelming multitude of suggestions and ideas. Just like your Pinterest feeds scrolls ever on, so do the possibilities for your wedding. Learn to say no, say that you can say yes to the things that are meant to be.

Balboa Park is one of the most popular locations in San Diego for wedding photography. And why shouldn’t it be? it’s a gorgeous location. Yet, I often say NO to Balboa, simply because its more overdone than a burnt piece of toast. I’m not saying no to the location. Rather I’m saying no, to the idea.

Love, it is said, is blind, but love is not blind. It is an extra eye, which shows us what is most worthy of regard. To see the best is to see most clearly. (J.M. Barrie)

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Model: @sheisanaaa
Makeup: @shirelydoesmakeup
Hair: @carolinaaag91