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Yucaipa Wedding: Chris & Jess

On the table as you walked in the reception this text was framed next to family pictures. I loved it so much, I had to share it.

When two people get married they strike out together on new adventure, it’s like writing a story. As each new page unfolds, new challenges and opportunities face the pair. But, any good writer knows that he or she follows in the tradition of story telling, building on and expanding what has come before. In a similar way Chris and Jess want to recognize that they follow in the legacy of each of their families. 

The imperfect perfections of this love story is what makes it so perfect. Who else would have thought that Taco Bell on your wedding day would be awesome. For Chris it was the perfect choice, and reminded him of his Biola days. Life is beautiful because of the people and little details that fill it. Life life inspired.

Celebrate with Chris & Jess!

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Yucaipa, CA wedding
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