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Back on the West Coast (Land of In n Out)

All good things must end.

That is just how life works, and perhaps what makes those moments all the more meaningful. I was extremely blessed to spend 5 months in Washington DC. The people I met, places I explored, and horizons that expanded made it all worth it. But I’m back. After hugging my mom and sister and saying hi to my brothers and dad, we jumped into the car so I could get some In n Out. Or more specifically an animal style double double and strawberry shake. I have my priorities straight (family first then food).

This is a San Diego summer. I am looking forward to shooting weddings in California, Colorado, and Washington besides getting to enjoy the beautiful weather in San Diego. Oh and did I mention, I graduated two weeks ago from San Diego Christian. So now I can cross off college graduate on my bucket list. It was been a busy spring, and looks to be an even busier summer.

I look forward to sharing moments and memories with you, so stay connected whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or here on the blog.

live Your life,